Seasons of life.. Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone

I recently celebrated my 50th style!   I ended my celebrations with a "Gypsy Garden Party" with women of all ages who came together to celebrate with me, but more than that it was a celebration of the divine feminine in all of us, a celebration of all the stages of womanhood.  Stories were shared from all of the seasons of life openly and with pure love and vulnerability.

I am often told that I "don't look my age" and I am never really sure how to respond to this as it is obviously intended as a compliment, but it makes me feel unsure about how I'm supposed to look??   Obviously there is a clear perception of what we should all look like at each age and I'm always keen not to fit in.. I have always been a little rebellious in small ways and I hope to encourage that trait more now.

The other "compliment" is that you look really good "for your age" which is a definite give with one hand and take away with the other situation.. lol.

The "compliment" of looking younger is well intentioned, but somehow I feel that it undermines me.  I have the life experience, lessons, stories, scars and adventures collected over 50 years and I would not be who I am without them.   I want to feel proud in my skin, proud of my years of life, not lucky that my outer exterior may appear in good nick for someone my age.

The underlying message is that I should want to look younger and that ageing is something to try and disguise as if it is somehow shameful.

So much value is placed on youth and/or a youthful appearance and sadly far less value is placed on the beauty of a mature woman.  I may still not have my shit together, but I am more confident in this body than I was in my youthful body.

The body that I am in has strength.  It is strong enough to have carried and birthed 3 babies and it is strong enough that it held me in a handstand today.

The truth is that I don't yearn to be younger, I yearn to be stronger and to feel   content and enjoy my life with a grateful heart and this would be my wish for all my sisters no matter how many years they have been here.

Every stage of our life has value and deserves to be equally honoured.

Maiden, Mother Maga, Crone.

Image is of me the Maga and my Maiden yogi sisters, Megan & Kirsten.


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