Yogamarket evolved during my time working as an Advertising Manager for a yoga magazine. I was lucky enough to speak to and connect with many smaller businesses run by amazing women. The majority of these women were also working and/or raising families!   I saw how hard they worked and how passionate they were about their products and also how demanding it is to try and do everything yourself.. I also noticed that being a small business owner can be quite lonely!

Yogamarket will give these businesses a platform enabling their products to be promoted amongst like minded businesses leaving them free to continue to pursue their creative passion.

We also welcome businesses who are thriving.  These businesses can also benefit from Yogamarket as an additional avenue to promote their products and potentially build a new community connecting with kindred brands.

What I dream of is a a website where creative souls and small business owners can all display their wares in one marketplace, connecting and empowering each other.

Sam xx