Om Shivoham

AGE OF AQUARIUS - Charoite Mala


Charoite is a crystal of this age as it provides a synthesis of energies between the heart and crown chakras, combining higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love and the ability to support oneself and others on the physical plane.

It helps one to recognise, integrate and understand the dimension in which others operate, facilitating acceptance regardless of their development or level in which they appear.

This mala transmutes any negativity and offers grounding in ones spiritual self. Also used for cleansing the aura, filing the chakras with loving spiritual purity and assisting one to recognise the lessons in life and move forward. 

It enhances a giving and open heart, allowing one to 'see' with love and experience the connection of 'all'. Known as our mala of awakening universal light and transformation. Its bestows goodness in all situations.

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