Om Shivoham

HEALING - Chrysocolla Mala


Chrysocolla, Rudraksha, Sterling Silver 

This mala promotes harmony on all levels. It calms the Muladhara (base) and Svadisthana (solar plexus), stimulates the energy of the Manipur (navel) and releases emotional pain from the Anahata (heart) while offering the whole body renewed strength. It has a wonderful quality of increasing ones capacity to love. At the Visshudhi (throat) it assists in communicating and supports silence when it would be most beneficial.

Chrysocolla helps one to become attuned to the earth and listen to the spiritual forces that give understanding of what is required for the earth to heal itself. It is grounding and supports great inner strength, helping sustain energy during stressful and trying situations, even ones that endure for a long time! It enhances physical vitality, health and nourishment on all levels and helps one make wise choices with regards to nourishing the body. 

This mala purifies the home and environment and works to eliminate negative energy from within. For healing this mala helps one attune to the perfection of the universe offering insight in order to facilitate re-alignment towards the perfect state of health; 

"Chrysocolla can help to regenerate the pancreas, to assist in regulation of insulin and balance blood sugar. It can strengthen the muscular structure and has been used in treatment of blood disorders. It has produced excellent results in re-oxygenation of the cellular structure and seems to furnish greater lung capacity to instill increased breathing capabilities. Used in the treatment of muscle cramps and spasms". Vibrates to the number 5.Love is in the Earth, Melody. 

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