Om Shivoham



The Perfect Grounding Mala for Perfection within, between masculine and Feminine. 

This mala supports the fruition creative spirit and vision of the divine feminine and masculine, both within and in the outside world, helping to manifest beauty and creativity in life. 

It is a helpful mala when we need to see our dreams come into reality, and when our fears and doubts often assail us the opportunity of bringing to fruition one's innermost calling. 

It is beneficial while working through periods of great personal change and desire for achievement in personal aspects of life relating to 'living one's dreams' not in a whimsical way, but a definite and certain way - of bringing to the world one's own unique and soulful approach. Fulfilling the call of one's heart.

Obsidian is extremely useful grounding stone and facilitates connection from the base chakra to the crown, and to the heart of the earth. It is protective and stabilising for ones internal and external energies, shielding against negativity in the outer world and unloving thoughts that arise from oneself. 
Rudraksha seeds are blessed and harmonise ones life and spiritual energy so that progress is made on the path to self-realisation.

To wear Rudraksha is to move towards Pure Consciousness, It also encourages happiness and good fortune and absorbs beneficial energies from the Universe for the wearer to synthesise into his / her life.

108 Beads Blessed in Ganges in Haridwar 'City of the God's' India. 

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